Saturday, 24 September 2011

Portrait Lighting

On a recent shoot I got to mix both hard and soft light for some portrait lighting which turned out quite well.

I used a 500w Jem Springball as a soft top/front keylight set at a 45 degree angle to the actress' face, mixed with a 150w Dedo light which was set at a low 45 degree angle, flagged just to hit her face, working both as an eyelight and as a hard fill light. Directly above her I had a Source 4 flagged to hit only the back of her head and the table in foreground. Behind her I had a pair of 2K's 45 degrees behind each shoulder working as a hard backlight. On the floor directly behind her I used another mixture of hard and soft light using an Image 80 as a soft backlight with a 150w Dedo as a hard kicker. Another 150w dedo set almost parallel to her left shoulder picked out a specific part of her dress. For the backdrop I used another 2K gelled with 101 yellow, and a pair of 150w dedo's cross lit some foreground props. A second Image 80 was in place alongside one of the 2K backlights to work for another actor but was never used for this portrait. A 1/2 Black Diffusion Fx filter was used on camera for some halation and cosmetic effect. This reference photo was taken using my Canon 40D but is quite close to the end result - apart from the angle that its taken at. When the final piece is posted online I'll add a link here for reference. The stings were shot on an Arri Alexa at 800ASA shooting at T2.8 with an ND6 and a 1/2 Black Diff. FX.

EDIT: The finished commercial is now up

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